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Q: Your website and ads state 'Free Delivery', is that only up to a certain distance?

A:  We offer free delivery up to 50 miles from the nearest dealer to the point of delivery. If you are beyond the 50-mile radius, please contact your sales rep to give you an accurate cost. 

Q: How much space (or size property) do I need to get a building?

A: Our drivers need a minimum of 2' of space to fit the building through any opening. For example, a building 12' wide will require a 14-foot-wide space (1 foot on each side). Also, a vertical space of 14', measured from the ground to the top of the building when it is on the trailer, is required. Be sure to take any tree branches and utility wires, etc. into account.


Q: Can I customize the building?

A: Absolutely!  All our buildings are completely customizable.  We have a standard placement for doors and windows, but if you would like an additional door, window, roll-up, etc., we can easily accommodate.  We can add or take away just about anything you would want, if it doesn't compromise the integrity of the building. 

Q: What should my credit score be for Rent-to-Own option?

A: NO CREDIT CHECKS!  We offer an affordable alternative to buying a Shed Wise building by signing a 36- or 48-month rent-to-own contract.  A $100 security deposit and your first month's rent is all that is due to get a building delivered to you! 

Q: I ordered a building. When should I expect it to be delivered?

A: Our buildings are typically delivered within 14 days from time of order. Weather and ground conditions may affect delivery.

Q: Do I need to have permits for my building?

A: You are responsible for contacting your local city and county agencies regarding zoning, permits, setbacks, and covenants. Also, it is recommended that you contact your Homeowners Association (if applicable) to determine what neighborhood rules and regulations may be applied.

Q: Do you all sell finished out buildings (i.e.: tiny homes, dry-walled shops, etc? 

A: Currently we do not finish out buildings, though we hope to do it in the near future. We can, however, help you get the appropriate add-on to your building to prepare it to be finished out. 


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